Xerox DocuMate 3120 Duplex Color Scanner Review

If you own a small business or company or are a person who deals with a lot of paperwork, then you will realize that you have large bundles of papers piled in drawers, office cupboards or the desk. You can agree with me that you do not enjoy having all that paper around but you just have to keep them to preserve the information that the documents contain.

As it is expected, when you get a need for particular information, searching through all those papers to retrieve what you want can be very tedious. So what can you do to solve this situation? To help, you can get a small scanning device to enable you to scan vital information and safely store it on your computer or a personal account like Cloud for future use.

A device like the Xerox DocuMate 3120 duplex scanner can help you clean up your office desk from too much paper while safekeeping the information you need.  This inexpensive and easy to use scanning device can be a valuable addition to your office equipment.

Keep on reading this review to find out more about this particular scanner.


  • The scanner features Visioneer OneTouch scanning software that enables you to scan documents into multiple applications
  • It has European plugs which provide for additional external power supply
  • Visioneer Acuity software helps to improve the quality of scans
  • Automatic document feeder provides for easy and quick documents feeding into the machine and scanning
  • Comes with an OCR software for converting files into searchable PDFs
  • Up to 40 images per minute of scanning speed in duplex
  • 50-page automatic feeder to handle any documents
  • Features a small footprint that can fit on any desk space


  • The Xerox 3120 scanner allows you to scan both plastic and paper documents like ID cards and legal documents and stores the scanned files into your location to your computer for easy access and retrieval.
  • With this scanner, you can easily scan paper documents and save them to a destination of your choice with just one click. This is made possible by the Visioneer OneTouch technology present in this scanner which eliminates the need to go through multiple processes of folder creation and searching of locations for file storage. The OneTouch technology allows the device to send scans directly to email, a specified folder or Word with just one press of the button.
  • The scanner can improve the quality of documents after scanning. The presence of the Visioneer Acuity technology allows it to correct any warps like folded areas or shadows so that you won’t see them in the final scan. It also improves color and quality of the original document if it presents otherwise.
  • Additionally, you scan files into readable texts that can be transferred and viewed virtually in a Word processor for editing and formatting.
  • Scanning with this machine takes very little time and is also convenient as it features Paper Port technology which allows you to quickly convert files into PDFs that can be searched and be safely stored in organized folders for easy access.
  • This Xerox 3120 DocuMate Duplex scanner is compactly designed with a small footprint that takes up very little space on your office desk or counter. It is also easy to move when cleaning or changing locations.
  • For a basic document scanner, the Xerox 3120 feeds sufficiently fast. It automatically feeds up to 50 pages of plastic and paper documents with the ability to scan both pages of a document simultaneously without bending them.


  • Cannot handle high volume scanning
  • Does not work well with photo scanning
  • Lacks business card management


The Xerox 3120 DocuMate duplex scanner is designed with essential features that if used correctly can help you manage your paperwork very well. Despite the fact that the scanner is equipped with brilliant Visioneer technology that makes paper scanning and storage excellent, the lack of business card management lowers its credit score.

However, if all you need is a scanner that is within budget and can work well in scanning basic office documents, then do not hesitate to get the Xerox DocuMate 3120 duplex scanner. It is competitively priced, works just fine with documents and is small enough to fit on any office desk.

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