VuPoint ST47 Magic Wand Wireless Scanner Review

Portable scanners are an excellent way to help you scan documents and pictures while on the go. These scanners are greatly applauded due to their portability. With a portable scanner, you do not need to worry about the size of your bag or excess weight; they are very light and convenient to carry around.

The VuPoint ST47 magic wand portable scanner is a wireless scanning device that will significantly help you maintain cleanliness and neatness. This scanner works as a wand whereby you just wave the device over items to scan and store in your computer or preferred storage area. Purchasing this VuPoint Portable scanner will take your scanning experience to a whole new level.


The VuPoint ST47 has a significant number and combination of features.

  • Features a 1.5”LCD screen for easy navigation through settings and gives you a clear view of scans.
  • Configured with an optional free app which makes it easy to scan files over Wi-Fi and upload them to your personal storage account.
  • The scanner features an external USB port for easy file transfers to a computer, phone or tablet.
  • This wireless scanner is designed with an optimal recognition software (OCR) with which you can easily convert scanned items into more readable texts.
  • The 8x zoom capability enables you to scan items in either color or mono modes. The scanner also can capture scans with resolutions of up to 8.5’’ by 125” length.
  • Additionally, after you purchase the product, you will get additional accessories like a carrying case, user manual, starters guide, the OCR software and Wi-Fi connectivity instructions.


  • This VuPoint wand scanner is highly portable. Wand scanners are known to be portable, and this particular one isn’t any different. The compact design makes it easy to slide in the provided case and is also easy to store. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the scanner makes it convenient to carry around in your purse or office bag.
  • This VuPoint scanner is easy to set up and use. For a first time user, using this wand scanner is made easy with the user manual which shows you how to set it up, the starters guide for how to use it and the Wi-Fi connectivity instructions to help you learn how to scan and share files over Wi-Fi.
  • Helps to keep you organized. The availability of an external micro SD slot enables you to scan items and store them in the SD, eliminating the need for storing excessive papers of scans. You can easily arrange your scanned items in folders which in turn gives you an easy time accessing and retrieving them.
  • For a wand scanner, this VuPoint device provides for speedy scans. Users confess that this scanner takes just about two seconds to scan high-resolution pictures. How good is that?
  • The wireless features provide you with a convenient mode to scan and transfer files to your personal computer or phone. It also allows you to share pictures with friends, family or even share documents with colleagues. Moreover, with the Wi-Fi connection you can easily transfer important scans to your personal accounts like the Cloud where you can easily access them whenever you want.


  • This particular wand scanner requires you to be very stable with your hand. Otherwise, you will have poor quality scans.
  • It has only one USB port. Therefore, you cannot connect it to multiple computers
  • Scanning multiple documents with this scanner may be quite a hassle as you will need to scan as pages and eventually piece them together in Acrobat.


For a wand scanner, the VuPoint wireless scanner works extremely well. The product combinations, wireless feature and portability make it one of the best portable scanning devices in the market. The pricing is affordable which makes it even better, especially if you consider the incredible functionality you will experience with this scanner.

With this device, you can scan high-resolution pictures and share the sweet memories captured in those photos with friends and family. With this scanner, you will be able to organize your files neatly in folders that you can easily access.

If you want a scanning device that you can carry around easily and can rely on when you need to scan documents urgently, then try this particular wireless wand scanner. Although it limits you from scanning multiple documents, it is still a great device for occasional and emergency scanning.

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