Photo Scanner Brands

When shopping for photo scanners, you may want to take into consideration the photo scanner brands. Some companies have been manufacturing electronics, cameras, and other imaging technologies for almost a hundred years.

Still other companies are relatively new competitors, focusing solely on scanners and printers. Depending on what you are looking for in a scanner, each photo scanner brand has selling points to scrutinize.


Epson is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of computer printers and imaging related equipment. They are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and have been making printers since 1968.

Epson focuses on solutions for your scanning needs whether you work in an office or at home. This company offers a broad line of scanners to choose from. Some of their equipment is made for high volume scanning, but most of their scanners can be incorporated into individual home use.

Epson’s Document Capture Pro software comes included in many of their scanners. It is an advanced software management system exclusively from Epson that organizes your photos as you scan them.

You can designate where your photos are being stored and how, and you can seamlessly upload documents into cloud services. It also includes editing features to manipulate your scans with ease.

The Epson Perfection V39 Photo Scanner and the Epson FastFoto FF-640 High-Speed Photo Scanning System with Auto Photo Feeder are two excellent choices when considering when considering photo scanner brands.

Finally, Epson has made a commitment to the environment by creating products that are recyclable. This generates less waste and makes you feel good about purchasing an Epson photo scanner.


Hailing from Japan, Canon started their brand in 1937 and has been manufacturing a wide range of imaging technology ever since. They are one of the best-recognized brands, in part because they are known for reliability and quality. Though they have many scanners that are made for high-traffic office use, many of their machines are perfect for casual home use, including scanning photos and other documents.

The CanoScan LiDE120 Color Image Scanner is an example of a Canon scanner that is built to scan photos for the home user. It comes with Canon’s software for scanning and editing photos on your computer that will help you maximize usefulness of a Canon scanner.

Canon also takes seriously the responsibility of a global company to the world community and environment. Canon has set up recycling programs, partnerships, and environmental initiatives that will help consumers responsibly impact the future.


Doxie is one of the newer brands of scanning equipment, focusing almost exclusively on personal scanners that are ‘smart’ or wireless. Many of their scanners are portable travel scanners and wand-style scanners, making it a worthwhile company to investigate when choosing a photo scanner brand.

Owned by mother company Apparent, this company promotes its excellent customer service and company warranty. If anything goes wrong with a Doxie product, you can call or email them. Every scanner has a one year manufacturing warranty against problems or defects, giving you extra peace of mind no matter where you purchase your scanner.

The Doxie Flip scanner is worth checking out as its innovative transparent scanning bed lets you set the scanner on top of an item to scan it. It is a great example of one of Doxie’s portable travel scanners.


Avision is a Taiwanese company founded in 1991 that exclusively produces scanners and printers. Because of its small area of expertise, this brand has been able to hone their products and make their scanners some of the fastest, most reliable, and highest quality in the market.

They manufacture wand-style scanners, travel scanners, flatbed scanners, and other high capacity scanners for documents. As technology advances, Avision relies on their research and development team to keep their electronics cutting edge.

The Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner is a portable document scanner that can scan photos and other items as a standalone device. It is a good choice when looking at photo scanner brands when you need a scanner to be completely transportable.


Many photo scanner brands exist that make fast, high quality, and easy-to-use photo scanners. Try to get an overview of the different brands and options by looking at one or two photo scanners in each brand mentioned. The more brands you consider, the better informed your choice of photo scanner brand will be.

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