Epson Perfection V39 Photo Scanner Review

The Epson Perfection V39 Photo Scanner is an economical, uncomplicated scanner. A wide range of resolutions keeps the V39 useful for more than just scanning photos. The software it comes bundled with has features above and beyond the usual scanner software. The detailed design of the scanner makes the V39 a well-constructed electronic.


Easy to Use

The Epson Perfection V39 Photo Scanner is perfect for users who need an easy-to-use scanner.  It is a single function scanner. It does not include copying, faxing or printing. The V39 makes scanning a simple, straightforward task.

There are one-touch buttons on the front for simple scan jobs. For example, you can press the email button and scan directly into an email. Speed is another consideration. The V39 has no warm-up time, and is ready to scan as soon as you plug it in. The scan speed itself is average, though slower at higher resolutions.

Up to 4800dpi Optical Resolution

The V39 has a built-in 4800dpi resolution, one of the highest resolutions among budget scanners. If you like to crop and enlarge details on photos, scanning at 4800dpi is ideal. High resolutions capture texture and surface detail undetectable by the human eye. Artists and other creative people will like this scanner.


Shape and Size

While not advertised as such, the V39 may be an ideal travel scanner. If you move your computer around or need to scan on-the-go, the V39 packs up easily. It is about the size of a laptop and is lightweight.

It fits easily into the average sized computer bag or backpack. It also features a kickstand that allows you to store the scanner upright. This may save desk space for people with limited storage. The scanner bed lid is removable to accommodate bulky books or thicker items. These thoughtful design details elevate the V39 above the basic scanner.

No Power Cord

The V39 gets power from the USB cord that plugs into your computer. There is no need for an inconvenient power adapter to plug into the wall. This makes the scanner portable and simple to hook up. It also cuts down on the amount of cords that tangle on your desk or in your drawer.

Online Storage

The V39 has the ability to upload to cloud storage. It has built-in integration with Google Drive and other services. You can upload to Facebook, too, and share all your scans with family and friends.

Software Bundle

Epson has included with this scanner its usual suite of software. Epson Document Capture Pro, Easy Photo Scan, and ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch all come with the V39. You can retouch faded photos, remove dust, or crop and trim images.

Epson Document Capture allows you to convert documents into text you can edit with a word processing program. ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch allows users to scan portions of large items and join them seamlessly into a larger image. Most of the software features are compatible with Windows and Mac.


No SD Card

The V39 requires a computer to operate. There is no option to scan to an SD card or thumb drive. Some scanners can write directly to flash drives or SD cards. If you like to use SD cards to transfer images to various computers or tablets, you may need another scanner.

No WiFi or Bluetooth

You cannot wirelessly share the V39 over a WiFi network or by Bluetooth. If your household devices are setup over WiFi, the V39 would not fit into that network.

Installation CD

The included installation software and drivers are on a CD. If your laptop doesn’t have a CD drive, you may have to download drivers from Epson. This requires more time and access to the internet.

Software Interface

Some users note that the Epson Document Capture Pro and Easy Photo Scan software interface is unattractive. If you like your programs and apps to look modern and slick, the bundled software may not be useful to you. The ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch software works only on Windows. Mac users will not be able to join scans into larger images using that software.


The movement of the scan wand under the flatbed can be louder than expected. If you are in a shared space or need to keep quiet in an office or library, you should look for another scanner.


The Epson V39 has more features than expected at its price point. Users will find it simple to operate and get good results with the least amount of fuss. It may suit some people’s travel needs because it is lightweight and doesn’t need a power adapter. Mac computer users won’t be able to use the full suite of software.

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