Epson FastFoto FF-640 High-Speed Photo Scanning System 

The Epson FastFoto FF-640 is a auto feed scanner. It includes a strong suite of software to help you organize and edit your photos. Epson has taken care to make their product easy to use. Best of all, this scanner is fast.

Boxes or stacks of photos can sometimes overwhelm the family archivist. The FastFoto is the scanner to help you finish digitizing your memories. A few evenings in front of the television is enough time to scan thousands of pictures.



The major selling point of the FastFoto is its speed. It can scan up to one photo per second, which Epson claims is the world’s fastest scanner. This applies to an average sized photo. If your photos are larger or if you are scanning documents, your scanning speed may vary. The feed capabilities allow you to go through large amounts of photos in a short amount of time.

FastFoto Software

The robust suite of software bundled with the Epson FastFoto FF-640 High-Speed Photo Scanning System is worth mentioning. Photo editing software aids in cropping and trimming scans. This is a useful feature for users without Photoshop or other photo editing software.

Smart Photo Fix (SPF) helps you preserve and restore your older, faded photos. It also corrects imperfections like red eye. The software organizes your photos into folders. You can tag the subject of photos for fast searching. You can also create slideshows directly from the software for fun displays of your photos.



The FastFoto has a feeding mechanism rather than a flatbed to quickly scan photos. This is a time-saver as it is the most efficient way to scan. The FastFoto also scans both sides of the photo at the same time.

Preserve special handwritten notes on backs of photos with no extra effort. On a standard flatbed scanner, you would have to manually turn the photo over to scan the back. Scanning both front and back is a plus for non-photo items too. Notes or recipes with a front and back are easy to scan.

Social Media and Cloud Storage

The bundled software has seamless integration with online storage of images. Upload a scanned photo to Facebook to share with friends and family, or store them in the cloud with Google Drive or Dropbox. Cloud storage integration is ideal for preserving family memories. Automatic uploading to Facebook will make sure that no one misses a moment of shared experiences.

Accommodates Non-Standard Photos

The FastFoto can scan non-standard photo sizes. For example, it can accommodate trimmed or wallet sized photos. It can also scan larger panoramic photos or 8x10s. You can use the included carrier sheet for oddly shaped items by feeding them through the scanner without jamming or skewing.

Mac Compatibility

The FastFoto’s software suite is Mac OS compatible. It allows you to use the software and scanner on any Apple computer. The scanner is easy to set up on both Windows PCs and Macs. The FastFoto avoids the frustration of complicated configuration.


Not WiFi Enabled

You must plug the FastFoto into a computer to use the scanner. Your computer must be connected to the internet to upload your scans. Some households share devices with different computers. Those users may want to invest in a scanner with WiFi connectivity.

No SD Card or External Drives

The FastFoto does not connect to flash drives, thumb drives or SD cards. Some scanners offer this functionality. Choose another scanner if you like to store photos on SD cards or thumb drives. To put a FastFoto scan onto an external drive, you must first scan to your computer, and then transfer the photo. This is an extra step if you are looking for an efficient scanner.

No Thick Sheets

If you want to scan Poloaroid photos or items thicker than cardstock, the FastFoto isn’t an optimal buy. Because of the automatic feeder, only flat, thin items will scan. Thicker items will jam the feeder. Users with Polaroid instant photo prints should use a flatbed scanner.

Limited DPI

The default image resolution is 300dpi and 600dpi. This is a good resolution for scanning photos. Those who want a higher resolution will have to reconfigure the driver to get up to 1200dpi. Epsom reports their downloadable Scan Driver will allow you to scan at higher resolutions. This requires more configuration.


The Epsom FastFoto is a fast, high-quality scanner that will help you with your scanning projects. It is especially useful for preservation of family memorabilia.

The included software will let you tweak faded photos to restore them to their original vibrancy. You will find the FastFoto limited to scanning photos and sheets of paper. Users who want to scan other items should seek a flatbed scanner.

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