Doxie Flip – Cordless Flatbed Photo and Notebook Scanner Review

The Doxie Flip is an innovative, interesting concept of a portable scanner. Like its name implies, it ‘flips’ the concept of scanning. While large flatbed scanners need a connection to a computer and wand-style scanners need a steady hand, the Flip is completely different.

It is a small scanner that can be placed on top of the item you’re scanning. Or you can lay pages or photos under the lid onto the scanner bed and scan in a more traditional manner. It may be the scanner you are looking for if you want to scan as you travel or if you need to scan small items or photos.



The main area where the Doxie Flip – Cordless Flatbed Photo and Notebook Scanner shines is in portability. The scanner bed is 4×6 inches and weighs 2.2 lbs. It is the go-to choice for people who rely on transportable electronics.

It would fit compactly into a computer bag with other accessories for travel.  The Flip is a reliable scanner of photos, memorabilia, notes, and business cards. Recording these items on-the-go will streamline your travels.

Transparent Scanner Bed

The Flip allows you to see exactly what you’re scanning through its small but transparent bed. It can be difficult to align and straighten items upside down on scanner beds. The Flip makes it easy to scan exactly what you see.

Because it’s not a wand scanner, it doesn’t need you to move it straight and steady. You don’t even have to pick up the items you are scanning. You can just pick up and place the scanner onto the item.



The Flip is completely cordless, scanning images directly to an SD card. You must then transfer photos from the SD card to a computer or printer. If you don’t have an SD card slot on your computer, use the SD USB adapter.

It comes included with the scanner. The bundled software helps you upload images to cloud storage sites. Save your photos to sites like Dropbox or Evernote. If you share photos on social media, the software will help you upload to sites like Facebook.


The software is Mac-compatible. You can use the scanner with your iPad and other Apple devices. No need to worry about painful driver downloads and reconfiguration. Windows PC users should also have no trouble setting up the Flip’s software.

Easy to Use

This scanner is an excellent choice for the technology-impaired or for a user who is new to scanners. The two-step process of lining up an item and pressing the green scan button is intuitive and simple.

Because you can see through the scanner bed, there is no need to test scan to align and crop images. For a user who wants to digitize family memorabilia, the ease of use may be a huge bonus.


Limited DPI

The Flip’s scanning resolution maxes out at 600dpi. This is an adequate resolution for most scans. Professionals or artists may find it limiting. You may be unable to enlarge or zoom in at a macro level. You will want to upgrade to another scanner if you want to capture every tiny textural detail of a scan.

No WiFi

The Flip is unable to wirelessly connect to your computer. You must transfer your images with the SD card before uploading them online or editing. Removing the SD card from the scanner is an extra step you must take before viewing your scan.


The Flip only uses AA batteries. There is no option to recharge or switch to using power if you are near an outlet. This may be an issue if you are traveling for extended periods of time. Be sure to pack extra batteries. If you don’t want to use disposable batteries, your only option would be rechargeable batteries.

Small Scan Bed

The bed of this scanner is only four inches by six inches. This is big enough to scan smaller items but if you have larger images to scan you may find the Flip limited. The software does include a feature called AutoStitch.

AutoStitch joins scans together to form larger images, but you will have to scan parts of the image multiple times to create one larger file. This will add extra time to your scanning project and some users may find a larger scanbed a better option.


The Doxie Flip would be a perfect scanner for someone who needs an electronic record of notes, receipts, cards, or drawings. It is small enough to slip into a briefcase or backpack while still retaining the important functions of a scanner.

The option of seeing through the scanner bed to the image you’re scanning is useful. However, the lack of a power cord and the small size of the scanner may limit its functionality for some users.

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