ClearClick Photo and Document Scanner Review

The ClearClick photo and document scanner is a scanning device from one of the world’s leading producers of software and electronics: ClearClick. The company is known for producing some of the most user friendly software and electronic devices around the world. The above scanner is no exception to that.

This ClearClick Photo and Document Scanner offers you a simple and easy way to keep all your family memories safe and intact in a digitized storage medium. You can also keep old and important receipts and other documents that are valuable to you with the help of the scanner mentioned above.

If you look through the various online stores selling this particular product, you will realize that a majority of customers have left positive reviews and awesome ratings with a majority confidently recommended the purchase of the product. This means that the product has proven beyond reasonable doubt to be effective in performing what it is advertised for.

Let us look at some of its features.


Upon purchase and delivery of the ClearClick photo and document scanner, you get a full one year warranty from the manufacturer plus free USA tech support. Besides that, you will also get to experience the following features:

  • 1200Dpi scanning resolution to help you scan photos and documents easily and quickly to either JPEG or PDF format.
  • Designed with an auto feeder and a 1.45 screen where you load the document for scanning and wait. In the process you can also check the scanned item on the screen immediately after scanning.
  • You will also get a 4GB micro SD card preinstalled in the scanner for images and documents.
  • An OCR software that enables you to convert scans into readable texts


  • The scanner is easy to install and use. You just need to insert the batteries, power it on and start scanning. It does not require any special techniques, a computer or special software to operate. Also, with the auto feeder you just need to feed your document into the scanner and it will start scanning. The step by step instructions included in the box also helps you to get started quickly.
  • Another good thing with this photo and document scanner by ClearClick is the quality of image it produces. With scanning resolutions of up to 1200Dpi is approximately 5mp, you can scan photos into clear high quality images for your digital album/gallery. The scanning is also pretty fast as it scans in about one second per 1200dpi.
  • Provides you with a more digitized storage for valuable documents and pictures. Before, people had to keep changing and removing photos from frame to pave way for newer ones. But now, you can easily scan and store as many photos as you want with portable scanners like the ClearClick photo scanner. This device is preinstalled with a 4GB micro SD that carry over 2000 photos. This way you can easily scan photos in the SD card and organize them neatly in an album folder.
  • The ClearClick scanner is super portable. This scanner is highly portable as it very light and compact to easily fit in a purse or backpack. The fact that it does not require to be plugged into anything and that it operates on batteries also makes it highly mobile in that you carry it anywhere and use it at your convenience.
  • It provides you with a direct and easy connection to a computer. The USB cable connection enables you to connect the scanner directly to a computer; this way you can easily transfer files from the SD card and store them on your computer.
  • The ClearClick photo and documents scanner is affordably priced for a portable scanner with its qualities and ease of use.


  • Most customers complain about the feeder being sluggish.
  • Does not provide for default scan setting options for users
  • Battery life is not good
  • A bit slow in operation


For its price and features, the ClearClick photo and documents scanner is a good choice for a scanner that you can carry anywhere and scan small documents with. The major drawback of the feeder being sluggish can be solved easily if you just feed the documents slowly and allow it read and scan.

Otherwise, it is generally a great option for scanning receipts, invoices and other small documents that require a quick scan.

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