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What is the Best Resolution to Scan Photos?

The digital world is evolving quickly with new inventions and innovations being introduced every day in different fields. In photography, for example, you can now archive photographic memories in the safety of your personal computer, share with friends and family, file paper photos into images for use in presentations or post on your social media […]

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Tips for High Quality Scanning

There are a large number of people who have old photographs, negatives, and film that they would like to archive, either to share as a memory or to just be able to store them better. Are you one such person? Do you have a large bunch of photos that you wish to store better or […]

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How to Scan Negative Film

Photography is a versatile field which calls for more than just general knowledge one might have acquired in school. Your experience may come in hand, especially dealing with both past and current technologies. In your line of duty, you have probably accumulated lots of negatives, and have kept them in the darkest corner of your […]

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Setting DPI for Scanning Photos

Before setting a scanner ready to scan an image, there is one thing that will ring in your mind, Dpi (dots per inch). You have to decide on the Dpi to use as your choice will determine the quality of your output image. As you try different values of Dpi over different images, one big […]

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Photo Scanner Brands

When shopping for photo scanners, you may want to take into consideration the photo scanner brands. Some companies have been manufacturing electronics, cameras, and other imaging technologies for almost a hundred years. Still other companies are relatively new competitors, focusing solely on scanners and printers. Depending on what you are looking for in a scanner, […]

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How to Choose a Photo Scanner

For those searching for a photo scanner, the market has many types of scanners with various features to make scanning photos fast and easy. If you haven’t shopped for a scanner in a few years, you may surprised at the advances in scanning technology. Choosing a photo scanner, however, can be confusing if you do […]

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