Canon Office Products LiDE120 Color Image Scanner

The CanoScan LiDE120 Color Image Scanner is a good quality scanner at a reasonable price point. Meant for the casual user, the LiDE120 won’t help you tackle large projects but it will suffice for light-duty, personal use.

The software bundled with the scanner will help you get the highest quality scans of your photos or documents. Canon goes the extra mile to make sure its products are useable by Mac and Windows customers alike.


AutoScan Mode

For the users who don’t want to fuss with tweaking settings, the AutoScan Mode is a lifesaver. The preview scan quickly assesses the document you are scanning and makes a recommendation of image formats. It will automatically decide what resolution and file type conversion is needed. There is no learning curve if you are satisfied to let the scanner do the thinking for you.

Multi-Page Scanning

Users will find combining multiple pages into one document a simple task with the CanoScan LiDE120 Color Image Scanner. After scanning a single item, the scanner will ask you if you are finished with the document or if you would like to continue adding pages. If you decide to add pages, you can finish scanning as many items as you want and the software will edit it into one file. This feature helps you organize your scans, and will streamline your files for easier viewing.

Photo Print Options

Worth noting is that the LiDE120 seems tailor-made for scanning photos. If you want to digitize your family photo albums, the speed of the scanner is a plus. The included software also has options to correct dust, scratches, color fading, and other common photo aging problems. Your photos will look vibrant and alive as you archive them for future generations.


Compact Design

The LiDE120 is a reasonably-sized scanner for users who don’t have a lot of space on their desk. It is large enough to scan a standard letter-sized sheet of paper, but low profile enough to slip into a drawer or onto a shelf when not in use. Some users may even find traveling with this scanner a possibility though it is larger than most travel scanners.

Well-Designed Software

The ScanGear software by Canon gives you three tiers of choices for setting up your scan. Most of the basic scanning can be set to AutoScan, but if you would like more control you may choose basic or advanced mode.

In basic mode, you can direct the destination of your file so you can easily organize your scans. In advanced mode, you can change resolution up to 2400 x 4800dpi, and find your photo correction options like dust removal and grain fixes.


At average resolutions, full page scans are generally less than 20 seconds. Despite being a flatbed scanner rather than an auto-feed, you can digitize items at a reasonable speed. Especially with the AutoScan option, this scanner can handle small projects easily and quickly. The USB connection is high speed, and will have no problem keeping up with your data transfers.

Expansion Hinge

If you are scanning books or other items up to one inch high, the Z-lid Expansion Top can accommodate you. The hinge allows you to have full access to the entire scanner bed for larger scans.

Document Text Recognition

A strong feature of the software is text recognition. The scanner will take your print items and save them in text format instead of a photorealistic copy. As long as your text is large and clear, it will be transferred correctly to a text document. This allows you to edit text with a word processing program later, if needed.

USB Powered

The LiDe120 keeps it basic by powering the scanner with the included USB cord. There is no power cord or adapter, making your life simpler and your work area neater. It also saves an extra cord to pack if you are moving or traveling.

Cloud Data Storage

If you want the peace of mind of storing your scans online, the LiDE120 makes it a one-touch process. Easily send your images to the cloud storage of your choice with the send button on the front of the scanner. You will never need to worry about data loss if you use this function.


No WiFi or SD Card

This scanner does not have the capability to scan directly to an SD card, nor will it connect to your home WiFi network. It must always be plugged into the USB port on your computer. Users who need the capability to scan without being corded will need to purchase another scanner.

Text Conversion

For users who are looking for robust page-to-file text conversion, you may be disappointed. The software will convert text but doesn’t preserve any formatting. The output file is a standard ASCII block of text and will not retain advanced formatting. This limits its functionality as a document scanner.


The Canon LiDe120 packs a fair amount of features into its slim design. The software will get users up and running quickly but can also be fine-tuned for many different applications. Those who need to primarily archive documents may want to seek out an auto-feed scanner with a better text conversion program.

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