Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner for Photos & Cards w/4GB SD Card 

The Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner for photos & cards is an ideal travel scanner for those who want to scan business cards, receipts, or memos, or who have family photos they would like to digitize. It is a lightweight scanner with an automatic feeder function. It is fully standalone, so it can work even when you are not plugged into a computer.


Built-in Image Processing

One of the strongest features of the Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner is that it automatically processes your photos and cards. It is able to deskew and auto-crop so your scans are straight every time with no extra framing. For users who don’t want to crop and edit photos by hand, this feature will save time and hassle. It allows you to save your photos and scans directly into storage with no extra steps.

Portable Storage

For people on-the-go who need a lightweight, portable scanner, the IS15+ is a great choice. Because the scans go directly into digital storage, there is no wasted time saving first to a computer and then to disk. The fact that it can work independent of a computer allows you to scan anywhere, anytime. This is a bonus for traveling and small setups where hauling out a computer would be inconvenient.


USB Flash or SD Card

The IS15+ can save scans either to a USB flash thumb drive or an SD card. Many computers have SD card readers built directly into them, and all computers have USB ports. You can have universal access to your photos and scans on almost any computer.

Both formats of storage are easily portable and can be a good option for temporary or permanent storage. USB flash drives and SD cards have large capacities so you can hold thousands of photos on a single drive or card.

Weight and Speed

The IS15+ weighs less than a pound and is overall one of the smallest scanners on the market. Users who are looking for peripherals that will not take up space may find the IS15+ appealing. It would fit easily in any travel bag.

The ability to pull it out, turn it on, and start scanning makes it an ideal take-along accessory. At the maximum resolution of 300 dpi, a 5×7 document takes less than 10 seconds to scan, allowing you to quickly and efficiently scan. It would be an ideal scanner for business travelers who need to keep track of receipts, expenses, and cards while traveling.


No Battery Option

Despite being a good travel scanner, the IS15+ requires a power cord to run. This means you must be near an outlet to use and limits its use when you are not able to plug it in. Users who cannot access electricity, like those on the road or in remote locations, will not be able to use this scanner.

Limited Size and Thickness

Because of its small size, the IS15+ has a maximum document size of 5×7. If you have anything larger, like full page documents or large photos, it will be impossible to use this scanner. The IS15+ also only scans average thickness photos or cardstock.

You cannot scan Polaroids or heavier items. If you have an awkwardly shaped photo that isn’t square, using an auto feed scanner is an issue. You can try to use a transparent sheet to protect the item, but it is at your own risk and may jam the scanner or damage the photo.

No WiFi or USB Connection

The IS15+ cannot be connected directly to your computer, so you must always use a thumb drive or SD card to scan photos. If you run out of room on an external drive, you have to stop scanning and transfer your scans to your computer to make more room on your drive or card.

It also doesn’t have WiFi connectivity so you can’t connect to it wirelessly. You must also use your computer to upload photos to social media and cloud storage as the IS15+ does not have that built in.


The Avision IS15+ scanner is a lightweight, portable scanner that will give travelers and those short on space the ability to scan small documents easily. The automatic feeder and built-in editing processing speeds up the scanning process and saves time. Users who want to scan larger documents at a high resolution or who are looking for more robust editing software may want to invest in another scanner.

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